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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Summary of Huntington

"It is my hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic" is Huntington's thesis. The downfall of globializtion will be a primary to global politics. The difference between civilaizations will be the war of the furture. "In the process they created nation states, and beginning with the French Revolution the principal lines of conflict were between nations rather than princes. In 1793, as R. R. Palmer put it, "The wars of kings were over; the wars of peoples had begun." This nineteenth-century pattern lasted until the end of World War 1. Then, as a result of the Russian Revolution and the reaction against it, the conflict of nations yielded to the conflict of ideologies, first among communism, fascism-Nazism and liberal democracy, and then between communism and liberal democracy. During the Cold War, this latter conflict became embodied in the struggle between the two superpowers, neither of which was a nation state in the classical European sense and each of which defined its identity in terms of its ideology." "These conflicts between princes, nation states and ideologies were primarily conflicts within Western civilization, "Western civil wars," as William Lind has labeled them. This was as true of the Cold War as it was of the world wars and the earlier wars of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. With the end of the Cold War, international politics moves out of its Western phase, and its center-piece becomes the interaction between the West and non-Western civilizations and among non-Western civilizations. In the politics of civilizations, the peoples and governments of non-Western civilizations no longer remain the objects of history as targets of Western colonialism but join the West as movers and shapers of history." In other words it does not matter what is going on in the world there will always be something to cause conflict between countries. Everything the world undergoes will in some way ause a conflict (Huntington).

Monday, March 21, 2005

Clothes are made in.....

While looking through my closet over the weekend, I noticed that I have a mixture of clothes made in other countries. The majority of clothes were made from Vietnam, China, Canada, and Mexico. If we did not live in a globalized world I would not be able to wear clothes that I wear.

Friday, March 18, 2005

A World Connected

This website will make you see how much America really has compared to other countries. In other countries there are children who die about everyten minutes from diseases, starvation, or thurst. These children die from diseases that we have vaccines for. Most Americans think they are poor because they can not eat everymeall a day but there are some folks who do not eat meals for days or have sanitary water to eat. In other societies poeple go without jobs, houses, food and most of us Americans complain because he or she does not have the best of everything but it could be worst.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Comparison to McDonalds in America to China

China looks at McDonalds as a place to go with the family in oreder to spend time together. McDonalds was an economic boom to China and when McDonalds opened in China, they began having birthday parties there. Before this China never really had birthday parties, which they never even kept up; with their birthday. As for us in our society we rush from here to there so McDonalds is a place to drive through on own our way to the next stop. So McDonalds is not really a place that we as a family can gather and have a meal; it is more like a convient place to stop a grab supper before the soccer game. So the way that i view i think that the way China uses McDonalds compared to way that we look at McDonalds is very different.

James Watson "China's Big Mac Attack"

1. In order for Watson to explain this complex subject, he used subtitles so that the subject would be easier to understand.
2. Watson views many different ways to make connections between globalization, capitalism and the way changes in family structures have changed. For the beginning of McDonalds in East Asia there has been an outcome of new class of buyers and an enjoyful place of family entertainment. Newlyweds do not depend on their parents permission for finding a new job. The traditional way of living was near the parents or the in-laws; when watson says near them, that means in the same neighborhood or apartment complex. Before the industrialization of fast food most wives worked from their homes but now they work outside their home. Due to this change child-rearing pactices, residence pattern and gender relationships was greatly affected by this change. Being that both parents work, there is no one at home to clean, take care of the children, shop, wash clothes or cook, so this was took on by the responsibility of the wife's mother. Most of Chinese families had only one child, which was often rude, spoiles and inconciderate. Family values were changed because of this economic boom. East Asia begins to coincide with America in the activities that we do.
3. I have been influenced by other cultures in my everyday life. Just by the clothes I wear, the car I drive, and the cosmetics that I use. If it we not for the transnational culture blended in with my local culture I would miss out on the great non-American food I eat, the place i get my nails done, the car I drive, and the neat style of fashion of clothes that I wear. Being that I live in America and it is not always easy to just get up and go to another country; I think having globalization is an important aspect to our culture.
4. No, I do not believe that us as Americans can be global citizens without forcing our culture in other cultures. We in America have a great aspect of how other countries live because they have came here with their way of living. I think that it is only fair for other cultures to know about us just as much.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Getting Started

1. In uscan there is more democratic views. In discus (General business file) there are more forigen text. In discus (Academic) there is a mix of forigen and American text. On google that has a mix of everything and more or less they want you uto buy the material. The difference in using uscan and discus between google is in google they want you to buy the material and in our library that is just useful information.
2. We get a sense of global citizenship in the clothes that we wear or the cars we drive maybe even the food we eat. I get a feel of global citizenship when i eat Japenese or Chinese foods. When I attend those restaurnts I feel as though I am in there country seeing they way the work and eat. Yes I do think that it is important for us to consider ourselves as global citizens because the cars we drive are not all made in America, the food that we eat is not all from America and even the clothes that most of us wear everyday is not made in America. Being that I am a global citizen i eat, wear and drive a car that is from another country other than America.

Friday, February 25, 2005

James McBride: "Black Power"

1. McBride explains this issue as a racial isse. Beacause they were black they were looked upon differently. They always lived the contradiction and survived in it essence by looking to her own mother. They believed that white folks were just plain evil to black folks and it was hard to come by because the best place for education was the white folks school.
2. Yes this does model somewhat of my own family history. Growing up we always attended church every time the doors were open. I was raised knowing that I could achieve anything long as i set my mind to it. I respected every adult not just my parents. I was raised with both of my parents working so I believe that not only does the father work but the mother works just as hard.
3. I do see her as a model becuase of the way that she has been brought up. The society that she lived in the recial issue was one of the most important. There were different schools for blacks and whites and they did not mix. Now days to some peopl it does not matter your race, everyone is equal. So for to be able to live now in our society, the one her kids are brought up in, she seems so comfortable to be able to talk to her kids about the different skin colors. My parents are both from the same race so I have been raised to marry in my own race. My parents I do believe would have a problem with me marring outside of my race. I do not think it would matter the race I think that they would still have a problem with it. My opinion also, I just do not feel attracted to anyone out of my race but I will be friends with them.
4. The Black Panther is the black people stating ten points about how they want their life to be. They want to be able to overcome the racial issue between them and white folks. In Black Power that is what happens between white and black folks. In both stories they are trying to over come this issue.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Reaction to "The Good Enough Mother"

Anna Quindlen begins the article, The Good Enough Mother, with her own experiences as a child. She states that her mother really did not take good care of her. Yes she did have a roof over head, a place to sleep, and food to eat but she would wonder off down the street, go anywhere in her neighborhood and her mother would not know where she was at. She now has become a mother, she feels the total oppisite from her mother. If her children may have wondered of down the street the "cops would be on the front porch and all over the neighborhood searching for her child." She looked at being a nanny is like a professional job. She thinks that is professionalized for women who work inside their home. There is a lot of responsibilities in being a parent. I want to be a good parent who can spend time and entertain my children.

Inward Christian Soldiers

1. It seems that this is a country family, with seven children, who seems happy but wants to start there own education is America like Christian soldiers.
2. The view of this photgraph by the photagrapher my have been put in this situation himself. It seems that this American family lives in the country. They are a christian family who wants to start there own private education and are dropping out of public schools.
3. They are excited about this issue.
4. "Inward Christian Soldiers" catches my eye because there are homeschool children all around us and i would wonder why they would be so important.

Melissa's Secret

1. Melissa has a secret and the photograph shows her with her daughter. Melissa does not know the father, but wants to begin her family with the father of the child.
2. Baby's run naked and the family just looks hapy. It makes it seem that America is a relaxing fun place.
3. They seem happy and enjoy there kids.
4. Melissa'a Secret at the top of the page is larger than the other writings on the front. It seems by looking at the front that the story would be intresting to know the name of the father and read to see if the are going to begin there family.